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Thursday, August 8, 2013

New Web Site

Please Check Out Our new Web Site  for  all our updates on Bible clubs,  Bible Study, soul winning, discipleships, Sunday morning Services and many more... God has been So faithful and Only good.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Thursday, March 8, 2012

It was a Blessed Bible Study Last night, We finished Proverbs 16, We are Praying for the souls that come hear every Wednesday especially a Lady Neighbor who is so faithful on coming out but still is confuse about the difference between Religion & Born again Please Keep this lady in your Pray, God Knows her name...Thank You.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Carrigaline Christmas Bible Study 2011.....God Blessed

We had a blessed time in our Christmas Bible Study. Everybody from the Bible study turned, up plus a lot of extra helpers, so we had a full house. It went Great!

Gift Bags For our Bible Study group, neighbors, and Carrigaline Shop Keepers, Postmen etc..... 

                                                      Inside the gift bag, The most important is the Gospel of Jesus Christ, some sweets, tea & candy Cains...
                                        Team work in making the Gift Bags 

                                       Lydia, Eileen Carol, Lily & Betsy
                                           Emmanuel and Mojisola 
                                               BrĂ©d & Jerry
                                           One side of the Group
                                              Gift Giving
                                                Food Time

                                   Our Children Bible Class Group :-)

                                                 Hymns Rehearsal before Services 

                                                     Weston was a Great Helper
                                                  All For Jesus...Born To Die
                Eileen & Rachel Preparing for the Christmas bible Study.

Friday, October 7, 2011

The Kevin O’Keeffe Family Church-Planting
In Cork City

Sept 2011
(Jer. 32:27)  Behold, I am the LORD, the God of all flesh: is there any thing too hard for me?

Dear Praying Churches, Pastors, and Friends,

It has been a busy summer with a lot accomplished, both in my own Sending Church and also, with ongoing work 

in Church Planting in the Carrigaline area of Cork. We are continuing to door knock every Saturday, and then during the week I try to follow up with any new contacts. It takes time to develop contacts in the area. We have also advertised on the local papers to attract people to the Bible Study. The thing that I am praying for most is that, God would send People into the Study that have a real hunger for God. We are still in Proverbs, going verse by verse, through each chapter. The biggest obstacle in a study like this is a lack of faithfulness; sometimes we have a good turnout, other times, we would just have a few. It however, is always exciting to see who the Lord is going to bring through our doors.

We have also been helping out in our Sending Church. There has been lots of activity with Youth Camp, and Bible Club for kids. I have learned a lot from this. I am planning next year to have a Bible Club in my area, so that, we can bring the gospel to kids that probably have never heard.   


Discipleship: I have a discipleship every Monday evening with a man named Michael. He is an unsaved man that I believe understands the gospel but is just not quite ready to get saved. He has even gone door knocking with me as the silent partner, and has helped me in various ways; so the burden of my heart is to see him gloriously and wonderfully saved. I am also hoping, in the next few weeks to be able to start another discipleship in another home. I believe this is the key in getting people grounded in the Scriptures.

Soul Winning Progress: We are continuing to promote the Bible Study by door to door evangelism. We have made some very good contacts in recent weeks and I am hopeful that these would be very good potentials for the bible study. The hardest thing about follow up so far, is that, when we have called back to that door, there hasn’t been anyone at home.     

Deputation Update: My main focus in the recent while has been the United Kingdom. I have several bookings over the next few months, mostly in England and in Wales. I am Thankful to Bethany Baptist Church for recently taking us on for support. I pray the Lord would abundantly bless them for this step of faith. It is a great encouragement to me when I hear such news. I will be in Grace Baptist Church in Enfield at the end of the month for a Missions Conference, so I am busy preparing for that.  

Please Pray... I believe with all my heart that prayer is the key. Please pray for those that I have in the Bible Study, and in discipleship. Especially for Michael, that the Lord would open up his heart, and I would see some fruit from this discipleship. Also, please pray that the people that are coming to the Bible Study would be consistent and faithful every week.

Sending Church:
Bible Baptist Church of Ballincollig
Pastor Craig Ledbetter
                  Unit B, Enterprise Park  
Inishmore, Ballincollig, Cork
Tel: 021-4871234
Contact Information:
Kevin O'Keeffe
38 Droim An Oir
Kilmoney Road
Carrigaline, Cork
Tel: 087-9443022

All support should be made payable to the Bible Baptist Church Mission’s Account, with Kevin O’Keeffe noted as the recipient, at the above Church Address. Receipts are available upon request.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

We had a most blessed Bible Study tonight. We were in Proverbs Chapter 6, dealing with a lot of practical and serious subjects. I am glad for a Book that deals with the good and the bad in human behavior. God lays down commandments for our own benefit, that we would heed them, and stay away from destructive sinful pitfalls. The Book of Proverbs is truly amazing!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Carrigaline Bible Study News & Up Date
Discipleship every Monday at 7pm

Carrigaline Bible Study every Wednesday Night at 7pm, Studying the Book Of Proverbs, also a time of Prayer and Fellowship.

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